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Drug Testing in the Workplace, Employment Drug Tests, Drug Testing Kits

Welcome to the only source you will ever need for drug testing materials. If you are an employer then you know how important it is to be certain that you screen all potential employees for possible drug use. An employee on drugs can affect your business in many ways and cause a great deal of problems for you and your business. At yourdrugtestresults.com we offer a wide variety of drug testing equipment and materials that can allow you to test all of your employees and get fast and accurate results every time. If you are not sure what kind of drug testing equipment you need then you can check out our list of best sellers that we post on our website and update regularly. From our best sellers list you can see what other employers are buying and using and get a better idea of what you may need for your business drug testing requirements. We also offer alcohol testing materials as well so that you can test to see if any of your employees are putting your business in jeopardy by coming to work under the influence of alcohol.

11 Panel Drug Test Cup QTEST CLIA 11 Panel Drug Test Cup QTEST CLIA
CLIA waived cup. QTEST drug test cup tests for 11 drugs simultaneously.

Drug Testing Strip Name Cut-Off Detection Level (ng/ml)

AMP-Amphetamine 1000

$12.25 Details Buy Now!

MET / Ecstasy Urine Drug Test Kit in Cassette MET / Ecstasy Urine Drug Test Kit in Cassette
The rapid MET/Ecstasy (Methamphetamines) test is a simple one step test for the rapid, qualitative detection of MET and its metabolites such as oxidized, deaminated derivatives in urine. The cutoff of...
$2.34 Details Buy Now!

Xalex Multi Drug Testing Kit for 10 Drugs Xalex Multi Drug Testing Kit for 10 Drugs
In this all inclusive urine drug test kit we screen for ten of the most common illegal substances found being used today.
COC/Cocaine, AMP/Amphetamines, MAMP/Methamphetamine, THC/Marijuana, MOP/Opia...
$11.50 Details Buy Now!

Rapid Urine OXYCONTIN Drug Test Cassette Rapid Urine OXYCONTIN Drug Test Cassette
Rapid Urine OXYCONTINE Drug Test Cassette is a one-step, on-site, rapid urine drug test for detection of oxycodone in human urine. This drug testing kit recommended for in vitro diagnostic. The Oxycon...
$2.34 Details Buy Now!

Drug Test Kit 2 Panel Screen Urine THC/METH Drug Test Kit 2 Panel Screen Urine THC/METH
The 2 Drug Screen Urine Test Kit is an immunochromatographic assay for rapid drug testing, qualitative detection of drugs and their principal metabolites in urine at specified cut-off concentrations....
$2.83 Details Buy Now!

Spray Drug Detection Kit for THC/METH/COC/OPI Spray Drug Detection Kit for THC/METH/COC/OPI
This product only can be shipped in US only

Non-Invazive Detection and identification of most common illegal drugs
Accurate and...
$131.46 Details Buy Now!

We know how important getting these materials are and that is why we have a wide range of business options that are all designed for your convenience. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card for your payment convenience and we offer a free shipping option for all orders over $30 shipping within the continental United States. We also offer expedited shipping options as well as shipping to Canada. If you have any questions please feel free to use our email form found conveniently on our website. With our low prices and all of our shipping options it is no wonder that we are one of the best sources for drug and alcohol testing materials on the internet.

All drug tests can be divided into two general groups

The first group is the kind most people are familiar with. This type of drug testing involves the donor giving a sample of some bodily fluid or hair to an employer, doctor, law enforcement official, or a medical center. This is normally a sample of blood, urine, hair, or saliva/oral fluid. After collection from the donor, the sample is sealed with a tamper-evident seal and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The primary advantages of this type of test are accuracy, legal defensibility, and the ability to customize tests for a particular demographic group. The disadvantages are typically costs associated with the need for collection sites (blood, urine), & the delay in receiving results (up to 4 days.)

The second type of drug testing is an on-site (workplace drug test, school drug tests, or at-home) drug tests that does not require a laboratory. These types of drug tests provide the advantages of lower cost and availability of results within minutes. Furthermore, if on-site tests, such as oral fluid-based or saliva tests are used, the problem of "beating the tests" can be virtually eliminated. On-site tests provide qualitative results, and when supplemented with laboratory-based confirmation tests, can be defended in a court of law

Employee drug testing is unfortunately one of the most controversial and troublesome issues facing American employers

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• Suboxone Drug Test - $2.95
• 12 Drug Test Kit - $7.20
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• EXPRAY Explosive Detection 50 Test Kit with Spray Explosives Detection Technology - $220.00
• 5 Panel Urine Drug Test Kit + Adulteration Test Integrated in E-Z Split Cup - $9.33
• NEW! Oral Fluid 6 Multi-Drug Saliva Screen Test Kit (AMP/MAMP/CO - $15.83
• Opiate (HER,MOR) Strip Drug Urine Test - $1.64
• Cocaine Cassette Drug Urine Test - $2.38
• Detect Now For Marijuana Drug Test - $39.00
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